@doronkatz is a Project Manager | Journalist | Evangelist

  Born: 5/6/1981 Master of Management & IT, CSU (2012) Bachelor of Internet Science & Technology,UOW (2004)   

Doron is an established Mobile Project Manager & Evangelist, a student of Rapid Agile Project Development, he subscribes to the philosophies of Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD),  anticipating user interaction prior to design. 

Doron is also heavily involved in various technical user groups, such as CocoaHeads Sydney, and Adobe user Group. Doron is  a published author, and regular contributor on ProgrammableWeb, and enjoys experimenting with various Google API and third-party iOS projects.


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  • Contributed with great impact for a Social Media Startup, for 6 months in San Francisco, as an iOS Engineer, introducing great initiatives.
  • Managed two concurrent agile projects, in Android and iOS during tenure at Gomeeki, using Behaviour-Driven Development. 
  • Engineered a combined Desktop/Mobile and Tablet solution using Flex, in a short development cycle sprint.
  • Expeditious turnover on development projects for banking and financial clients, based on defined scopes.

Doron is an established Mobile Project Manager, Architect and Developer, and a pupil of the methodology of Agile Project Management,such as applying Kanban principles. Doron also believes in BehaviourDriven Development (BDD),  anticipating user interaction prior to design, that is. Doron is also heavily involved in various technical user groups, such as CocoaHeads Sydney, and Adobe user Group.

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Doron also enjoys being entrenched in experimenting with various Google API and third-party iOS projects and frameworks. Achievements include working on various web projects, using Coldfusion, Flash/Flex with various frameowrks, as well as Android (Flex) and iOS (Objective-C) projects. Skilled in development, with a passion for precise agile management, he is currently re-skilling in Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) Standards  through Charles Sturt University, as part of a masters program.  Doron is also a technical book reviewer for O’Reilly Books.



  • Agile/Scrum methodologies and Entrepreneurial Management /Product Management [1-2 years]
  • Objective-C [ 3.5 years]: Cocoa, WebKit, UIKit, CoreData, Restkit, NetworkKit, JSONKit, TestFlight, CocoaPods
  • HTML5 [5 years], CSS3 [3 years], CSS LASS/SASS [1 year]
  • Actionscript/Flex 3-4 [ 4 years]: AS3, OSMF, Flash Builder 4.6, Parsley/Cairngorm 
  • Adobe Photoshop [5 years], Adobe Illustrator CS5/6, Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Fireworks CS6.


Doron Katz is not only an intelligent and ambitious strategist but also an inspiring colleague. Always maintains very good relation with co-workers. Can focus on many tasks at once. He provides a high level of expertise, both in the project management and in providing technical direction to his teammates. Doron has a very high level of integrity and can be counted upon to deliver on her commitments. Highly recommended.
— Akash Nigam CEO & Co-Founder at Blend Systems, Inc.
Doron is very enthusiastic about his work and the mobile space. In the short time he was with us, he managed to provide relevant input to improve development and management practices.

He lived up to his expected role as Mobile Lead, and proved highly capable with direct client communication and team management.
— Heinz Neubauer Digital Producer at Gomeeki
To continue to learn, breathe and evangelise technology, whether it would be web, mobile, augmented reality or wearables, as I evolve towards a more device-agnostic, multi-platform technologist. I pride myself on best-practices, agile methodologies, behaviour-driven design and test-driven development
— Doron Katz


  • Master of Management (Graduated 2012)

Charles Sturt University, Australia

A combination of management (MBA-style), and Microsoft technical subjects, such as C#, SQL Server 2000 and other technical units.

  • Bachelor of Internet Sciences (Graduated 2004)

University of Wollongong, Australia

Part of an innovative and exclusive program, only completed by a handful of students who completed Internet Science, it included a focus on IBM curriculum subjects which was new at the time to Australian universities



iOS Architect, Blend Systems (2014)

  • Advise/Consult and Develop the Blend brand and product, as a mobile architect.
  • provide and architect innovative mobile solutions
  • architect, design and frame mobile solutions
  • provide guidance on best practices throughout the entire project life cycle 
  • collaborate with to define design and framework choices for the product
  • spearhead software development activities
  • deliver effective communication regarding issues, objectives, initiatives and performance
  • engage senior business stakeholders

iOS Architect/Project Manager, Gomeeki (2014)

  • Advise/Consult and Develop strategies as Mobile Architect, architecting mobile solutions and strategy.
  • Responsible for overseeing the mobile architecture of Gomeeki products.
  • Develop in collaboration with others company digital mobile brand.
  • Initiative in scoping client mobile apps.
  • Deploying cross-platform mobile strategies.
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders, during the project deliver cycle

Rich Application Develope, Media Architects (2012-14)

Design and develop desktop/Air and android mobile solutions, of a specific company product that is sold to clients.

  • Developed and assisted in Designing interfaces for company solution product.
  • Consulted with team leader on various options and paths for the project.
  • Initiated and enforced various tracking and documenting processes.

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Below is a sample of some of the projects and activities I have worked on, and will get updated over time. 


Blend is an iOS App I worked on with other developers, in San Francisco in 2014. I provided my development and architecting expertise, over four months.

Blend is the nomination app — share content according to what is Trending and then nominate your friends to 1-up you.
Every 3 days a new Trend appears and it’s your turn to begin the chain of nominations.  


This project is part of The Rice Warner Actuaries, and I worked on it along with other developers throughout different periods of time. The app is a client- only app, used as a demo before we customise specific ones with extra features for customers. it is a highly mathematical calculator, based on current Australian legislation. 

It enables you to explore the effects of changing the following:
– Your retirement age
– The level of income you draw in retirement
– Making additional contributions (either by salary-sacrificing or by making after-tax contributions)
– Investment strategies (before and after retirement). 

This app is brought to you by Super Toolbox and Rice Warner Actuaries.


A skinned android, iOS and Desktop app using Actionscript 3, to work cross-platform. This app has been skinned for various other clients, such as AACTAAPSA and Pervue

Screen Showcase is a new and exciting media viewing platform bringing you the best work from independent and emerging filmmakers around the world. Screen Showcase allows you to preview and stream crisp digital content on your iPad and iPhone.

You can create an account for free or subscribe for access to additional content.


A text book I co-wrote with other authors. 

Many of the features added to iOS 6 were incremental updates over iOS 5. This is not the case for iOS 7. Apple’s release of iOS 7 brought substantial improvements for both applications and application developers. This book attempts to highlight the features that will be most widely applicable, including upgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 7, making apps more accessible, refreshing content in the background, using the new transition and physics-based animations, building on the new maps APIs, and enhancing your development workflow with the new build and testing improvements. The introduction of iOS 7 is set to change the way users think about native applications as well as how developers think about building them.

This book is intended for current iOS developers who wish to learn what iOS 7 has to offer. It is not intended to be a beginner’s tutorial on iOS development. In many cases, we contrast development for iOS 7 with developing equivalent functionality in iOS 6. As such, we assume the reader is familiar with basic iOS development concepts up to iOS 6. While it’s not necessary for the reader to be an expert in any particular iOS 6 APIs, it certainly won’t hurt. Similarly, this book is not intended as a reference manual for iOS 7. The online Apple documentation serves this purpose. Rather, we aim to provide an overview of the features as the reader might use them to build a working application. The examples given in this book are all part of a demo application called BepBop (“beep! bop!”).


You can find all my articles, on ProgrammableWeb, by click here.

I am involved in various tech meetup groups, both in San Francisco and Sydney. I will be adding all my talking engagements here, over the course of time.



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