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Doron Katz
Project Manager | Engineering & Technical Writer | Published Author

Hi there! I'm a technical product manager, a published author, technical program manager, and iOS engineer, from San Francisco.


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I have worked as a software developer for over 14 years, project manager for over 3 years and technical writer for over 4 years, fostering my three primary and complementary skillsets to deliver excellence in my projects, solving problems and articulating solutions to stakeholders and audiences.

I am a published author of Continuous Delivery for Mobile with fastlane, with technical skills that include Swift/Objective-C. Database design and more. I have been a technical writer for two of the most prominent journals, as well as working for numerous startups in San Francisco and Sydney. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Internet Computer Science, and a masters in Management, from the top computer science program in Australia, the University of Wollongong.

Currently, I am at, as a technical product manager, in charge of Developer engagement.

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I contribute regularly to the two following publications:

Continuous Delivery for mobile with Fastlane


Competitive mobile apps depend strongly on the development team’s ability to deliver successful releases, consistently and often. Although continuous integration took a more mainstream priority among the development industry, companies are starting to realize the importance of continuity beyond integration and testing.

This book starts off with a brief introduction to fastlane—a robust command-line tool that enables iOS and Android developers to automate their releasing workflow.

Developing an iOS Edge


Apple's release of iOS 7 brought substantial improvements for both applications and application developers. This book attempts to highlight the features that will be most widely applicable, including upgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 7, making apps more accessible, refreshing content in the background, using the new transition and physics-based animations.

Whitepaper: The Rise of the PhD APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have played a key role in business and commerce for more than a decade, giving rise to the new API economy. But it wasn’t until recently that APIs started to proliferate exponentially: Just about anything “as a service” has become available by way of a Web-based API.

Software as a service, infrastructure as a service, database as a service, platform as a service...

The list of “as a service” offerings is long and getting longer, enabling companies to effectively respond to rapidly changing market and customer demands.


Professional Scrum Master (PSM I)

Demonstrating a fundamental level of Scrum mastery. PSM I certificate holders prove that they understand Scrum as described in the Scrum Guide and the concepts of applying Scrum.  PSM I holders have a consistent terminology and approach to Scrum. Link



Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) 


As a Certified Scrum Product Owner® professional I have been taught the Scrum terminology, practices, and principles that enable them to fulfill the role of Product Owner on a Scrum team. CSPOs are typically the individuals who are closest to the "business side" of the project. They are charged by the organization to "get the product out" and are expected to do the best possible job of satisfying all the stakeholders. CSPOs maintain the product backlog and ensure that everyone knows the priorities. Link



Charles Sturt University, AU (2006-2010)

A combination of management (MBA-style), and Microsoft technical subjects, such as C#, SQL Server 2000 and other technical units.



University of Wollongong, AU (2000-2004)

Part of an innovative and exclusive program, only completed by a handful of students who completed Internet Science, it included a focus on IBM curriculum subjects which was new at the time to Australian universities

My References

“Doron was a pleasure to work with during his time at Apple. He was hired as a QA Engineer, until his role quickly expanded into a larger one on the Acoustic Linguistics and Text to Speech team. 
During our time together, I have seen his versatility first hand and ability to adapt to any project given to him. He possesses a passion for Apple and their products, and it was incredible seeing how much of a subject matter expert he was. Doron is an autonomous worker and an even better partner who would make any team stronger!“

CORINA GOMEZ / Apple Engagement Manager (Advantis)


“Doron is a skillful and experienced technical writer. He can grasp complex technical solutions and describe them in a clear and concise manner. He is excellent to work with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a technical writer or technical program manager.“

CRAIG PARKS / Senior VP of Customer Success, Powwow Mobile


“We hired Doron as a technical writer. He came in to a disorganized situation with many competing requirements. He jumped in and quickly organized our documentation effort, built relationships with key stakeholders, chose the right technologies and started producing thorough documentation. Most importantly, his combination of project management and deep technical understanding of the subject matter makes him highly effective at the role.“




“I have known Doron for a year and a half at TCL, and he has brought methodical project management initiatives into the teams and projects, as well as technical expertise and knowledge that are inspiring. He is a great person and was a pleasure working with him.“



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