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      About Me

      For the past few years, I have been focusing on technical project management, in addition to my technical writing skills, including authoring a published book. 

      In addition to being a certified Scrum Owner, I also have extensive development experience in Swift, Objective-C, MongoDB, as well as prototyping using Sketch

      • 11-years in software development;
      • 7-years in iOS mobile development (iOS);
      • 3-years in technical writing.

      Development Skills

      • Swift (& Swift on Server with Vapor), 
      • Objective-C, 
      • Docker/Container DevOps Management;
      • MongoDB, 
      • MySQL, 
      • Sketch Designing, 
      • Atlassian Tools (JIRA/Confluence), 
      • Bash/Shell


      Master of Management (Graduated 2012)
      Charles Sturt University, Australia

      A combination of management (MBA-style), and Microsoft technical subjects, such as C#, SQL Server 2000 and other technical units.

      Bachelor of Internet Sciences (Graduated 2004)
      University of Wollongong, Australia

      Part of an innovative and exclusive program, only completed by a handful of students who completed Internet Science, it included a focus on IBM curriculum subjects which was new at the time to Australian universities



        MY Resume

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            MY PORTFOLIO

            Technical Articles

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            Rise of the PhD APIs (White paper) 

            APIs are no longer just a development tool. Now, they are becoming an integral part of many organizations' business models. Read this technical overview to:

            • Discover the benefits of outsourcing complex tasks to APIs
            • Learn about the changes driving the new API economy
            • Get a high-level run down of AlchemyAPI's services

            Continuous Delivery for Mobile with Fastlane

            Mobile products need a continuous delivery (CD) pipeline so your development team can focus on building features, and less time figuring out how to release faster. Fastlane is a command line tool used for automation on iOS and Android.


            Developing an iOS Edge

            Apple's release of iOS 7 brought substantial improvements for both applications and application developers. This book attempts to highlight the features that will be most widely applicable, including upgrading from iOS 6 to iOS 7, making apps more accessible, refreshing content in the background, using the new transition and physics-based animations, building on the new maps APIs, and enhancing your development workflow with the new build and testing improvements.








                  Doron is a skillful and experienced technical writer. He can grasp complex technical solutions and describe them in a clear and concise manner. He is excellent to work with, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a technical writer or technical program manager.
                  — Craig Parks (Snr. VP of Customer Success, PowWow Mobile, 2017)
                  We hired Doron as a technical writer. He came in to a disorganized situation with many competing requirements. He jumped in and quickly organized our documentation effort, built relationships with key stakeholders, chose the right technologies and started producing thorough documentation. Most importantly, his combination of project management and deep technical understanding of the subject matter makes him highly effective at the role.
                  — Jon Kaplan (Co-Founder of PowWow Mobile, 2017)

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