 Engineer & Manager | Tech Journalist


As both an Engineering Manager, Technical Program Manager and iOS Engineer, by employing best-practices in management and development, I manage projects from start-to-finish, methodically and successfully. I successfully negotiate and manage stakeholders, de-compose business requirements into user stories, and efficiently manage tasks through agile sprints. 

My passion is bleeding-edge technologies, from Swift for iOS as well as Swift Server Side, and through breakthrough management methodologies like the Scalable Agile Framework (SAF), I complete projects successfully. I embrace the Lean Startup methodologies (Lean Analytics | Lean Customer Development), along with continuous customer development and hypotheses testing, in my mission to provide simplicity in development cycles, foster collaborative and free thinking, pushing the boundaries in creative apps.

    Career Highlights

    • Through matriculate PMO and Charter development, set out to manage from start-to-finish, two fixed-cost eCommerce projects, within budget, for Intershop. 
    • Successfully Project Managed complex internal projects, in the auto-navigation and television assistance spaces, for TCL-America.  
    • Contributed with great impact for a Social Media Startup, for 6 months in San Francisco, as an iOS Engineer, introducing great initiatives.
    • Managed two concurrent agile projects, in Android and iOS during tenure at Gomeeki, using Behaviour-Driven Development. 
    • Engineered a combined Desktop/Mobile and Tablet solution using Flex, in a short development cycle sprint.
    • Expeditious turnover on development projects for banking and financial clients, based on defined scopes.

    Academic Achievements

    Master of Management (Graduated 2012)
    Charles Sturt University, Australia

    A combination of management (MBA-style), and Microsoft technical subjects, such as C#, SQL Server 2000 and other technical units.

    Bachelor of Internet Sciences (Graduated 2004)
    University of Wollongong, Australia

    Part of an innovative and exclusive program, only completed by a handful of students who completed Internet Science, it included a focus on IBM curriculum subjects which was new at the time to Australian universities