Flex Builder 4.5 Essential Plugins (live updates)

I know I am late to this party, but since I have decided to do some more Flex work, I thought I'd compile a list of essential plugins (and even helpful tools that work in conjunction with) for Flash Builder. This will be a continuously updated document, and please feel free to make your suggestions in the comments section.  

[table caption="Flash Builder Essential Plugins"] Plugin,Update site[attr style="width:30px"] The Eclipse IDE plugin, SVN plugin, SOAP web service plugin, TOFIX/TODO  Task plugin to detect TODO lines, You can download the plug-in here Adobe Blueprint  plugin to get quick examples from code highlighted, FlexFormatter for help with auto-formatting MXML files, FlexPrettyPrintCommandUpdateSite/ SourceMate for more code refactoring and code templating, Android development tools plugin, Mylyn  for lifecycle suite of tools including collaboration etc, FlexPMD code-quality improvement tool, AS Code Coverage reporting plugin, QuickRex regular expression generator, AnyEditTools in-context code fixing, Maven eclipse plugin, eGit git plugin, [/table]


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