10 Reasons to Ignore Apple iWatch and Stick With Your Fitbit


My latest ProgrammableWeb article, on 10 Reasons to Ignore Apple iWatch and Stick With Your Fitbit  published just prior to the Apple announcement on the 10th of September.

If you're an Apple fan, today is a little like Christmas. Maybe you are in line right now, waiting for the Apple Store doors to open so you can be among the first to own the iPhone 6. But the buzz about the new iPhone has been amplified by the rumored release of an Apple wearable that would complement the tech giant’s recent announcement that iOS 8 will include HealthKit. So, should the many users of that other popular health-tracking wearable--the Fitbit--thrown down their tiny black devices and take up the "iWatch" (or whatever Apple may call the rumored device)? Sure, the leadup to today may be making users feel the sudden urge to toss their Fitbits and dig deep into their pockets to invest in Apple’s shiny, new device. But there are several reasons why users should stick with a non-Apple device--and why companies might want to think twice about focusing effort (or too much effort) on programming for Apple’s new device--at least for the near future. 

For the full article please visit http://www.programmableweb.com/news/10-reasons-to-ignore-apple-iwatch-and-stick-your-fitbit/2014/09/09

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