6 top design UX cheat sheets

I came across a blog that listed the 6 top design UX cheat sheets which I found handy, covering everything from iOS to android and websites. Something to bookmark for sure.


1. iOS 7 Design Cheat Sheet


The release of iOS 7 brought  many changes to the interface and designers will need to adapt their visual language to fit the iOS’ new flat design. The grid systems, dimension, typography and iconography have all been updated by Apple. Ivo Mynttinen has been gracious enough to create a cheat sheet for developers and designers covering all the information you will need to know for the iOS 7 including:

    • Resolutions across all devices
    • Display information  across all devices
    • App icon dimensions (including information on changes for the rounded corner design and where to get a template as Apple has yet to release one for iOS 7)
    • Details on changes in the user interface
    • A short list of other  resources you will find helpful while you are designing an app

This will save you time and effort now that you will not have to go and search for each little detail. Using this you won’t have to compile your own list. Besides, it’s one of the most extensive sheets on the topic and it’s wonderfully organized.

Source: http://ivomynttinen.com/blog/the-ios-7-design-cheat-sheet/

2. Android Design Cheat Sheet

Of course, we are also including a similar Android design cheat sheet for you. This is a gorgeous infographic designed by Meghan Dever, a Mobile Designer at Double Encore, Inc. The design guide for Android has this information available but it’s much easier to find and read it in this sweet cheat sheet. It was created for internal use in the company but they thought it was such a useful time saver that they wanted to share it with the whole community. This comes with:

    • Android text fields, seek bars, spinners, pickers, switches, and their use cases
    • 9-patch assets, with the addition of optical bounds layout capabilities
    • Android device sizes and their associated element sizes
    • The proper padding for UI elements
    • Action bar, contextual, and launcher icon specifics
    • Dp to px conversions

Source: http://www.doubleencore.com/2014/01/android-design-cheat-sheet/

3. Psychology of Color Infographic

Ok, so there are more than enough charts that cover color psychology but this is my favorite as it is much more extensive the others. Instead of just covering the basics (red, yellow, blue, purple, green), it gives you a description for 50 different colors. It also not only covers positive emotions and ideas but also the negative ones that various colors can be associated with.

Source: http://careyjolliffe.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/cjga-color-theory-3.jpg

4. HTML5 Cheat Sheet

This is a great reference sheet in case you are just learning HTML5 or just happened to have a brain fart and forgot a tag. This is an extensive list and really gives you quite a bit of useful information besides the tags. It goes into extra detail regarding where the tags can be used and what browsers support what, even on devices. It comes with:

    • New tags that came out for HTML5
    • Existing tags from HTML4 that are still available for HTML5
    • Old tags that are obsolete in HTML5
    • Attributes and what is old and new for them too
    • A browser readiness chart

Source: http://www.shibleysmiles.com/2011/10/html-cheat-sheet-list-of-html-tags.html

5. Persona Check List

This was brought to you by Luxr, who create workshops for entrepreneurs. This is a great checklist for when you are creating a persona for a presentation. It comes with some great information as well as the do’s and don’ts of creating a persona. It has an overview, a step by step checklist, and some extra references you can check out for further reading. For those of you who love lists and want to have something to check off as you go, you can save this and keep it around for your next project. It’s also great for anyone who is just starting out and could use some helpful tips and tricks of the trade.

Source: http://blog.luxr.co/persona-cheat-sheet/

6. UX Terminology

As a UX designer you interact with many different people within an organization and not everyone knows the lingo. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to constantly explain yourself? This is for you to hand out to your colleagues to help them understand what you are talking about. It was brought to you by Bride Trozelli and it includes:

  • UX practice
  • UX roles
  • UX activities
  • User interface terms
  • UX deliverables

Source: http://trozelli.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/ux-terminology.html

(Source: http://blog.placeit.net/10-awesome-uxui-cheat-sheet/)