An honest review of the BookBook vol. 2 for the iPad Pro

This week saw a refresh of the popular BookBook case for the iPad Pro, or shall we say, second volume edition. Having been an avid fan of Apple’s own  Smart Keyboard Folio which combines the protection of a keyboard with a back case, I was hesitant to sacrifice loosing the keyboard in lieu of the more encompassing leather case, but I was pleasantly surprised. The BookBook vol  2 for iPad Pro is the case I didn’t think I’d need, but wishing I had from the start. 

The features

In celebration of the edge-to-edge display marvel of the iPad Pro, TwelveSouth went back to the drawing board and handcrafted a truly tailor-made artesian leather-bounded case in complement. The exterior presents the familiar rustic leather accent that we have come to expect from the company, each with their own personalized accented texture and distress  

  Zipping open case, you will notice a luxurious plastic holder for your device on the right, with hole insert for your camera. The iPad clips into the holder snuggly. Behind the shell you will also notice a stand, that can be used to tilt your iPad upward for more ergonomic positioning. On your left beneath the suede lining, you have an interior pocket that you can use to store documents or even a small Bluetooth keyboard, although my Smart Keyboard is too big to fit in properly.

What’s new

The second generation case brings a more slim feel to a well protected case, you get a double-zip which is as elegant as it is smooth, giving you quick access to your device without having to labor for it.

In addition to the aforementioned inner pocket, you’ll also find a pencil holder, although I still prefer to just leverage the magnetic clip to have my iPad personally mind my pencil, and I can still do that within my TwelveSouth case.

My personal experiences  

So, I mentioned in the introduction that I am coming from using Apple’s Smart Keyboard folio, which I love, but sometimes get annoyed with having to feel the keys as I fold the folio. But I was concerned with having to forego having my keyboard with me everywhere I go, as I tested out this case  

Affording an open mind, I found that I hadn’t used my physical keyboard as much as I thought I would, and going lightweight with a sexy looking leather case gave me a greater sense of prestige than the material I had previously sported with Apple’s case.

More so, there is no denying that the BookBook case is way more protective of my expensive iPad Pro than Apple’s over-minimalist case which gives you a false sense protection. I’ve already had my pencil drop and break using the other case, as Apple’s magnets aren’t as strong as you think they should be. Keeping it secured within your well padded BookBook case will save you future heartaches. 



What I liked

  • Leather texture is second to none, in quality and feel.

  • Convenience of a pocket sleeve.

  • Confidence in the padding protecting your investment.

  • Hole insert for camera.

  • Great price.

What I didn’t like

  • Sleeve too small to fit my Smart Keyboard.

  • Stand is a little bit flimsy (wish it was sturdier).

The score

8/10. A precious device needs a worthy case, and this is certainly it.  


Where can I find it

You can buy the case at TwelveSouth or affiliated dealers, for $89.