Annual Android versus iPhone State of the Union


Welcome to my Annual Android versus iPhone State of the Union, a rant on what's right and what not right with my choices in personal mobile phones. It’s 2014 indeed, and the phone I am still carrying around in my Levi’s front pocket is the iPhone 5s . Not because I think it’s a flawless device and operating system, far from it. In fact, I think iOS 7 in many ways is the most buggy iOS to date, despite it’s herculean efforts to change a lot of it’s UI.

My beef with the iPhone 5s

Well, despite my appreciation for Apple putting in really functional finger-print reader, there are tons of things Apple have left out, or aren’t doing right with their flagship phone, that I want to address:

iOS 7 is buggy, and springboard constantly reboots

Im sure im not the only one this is happening to, but on both my iPhone 5s and iPad Mini (second generation) both of which have the latest 64-bit processor, but a meagre 1GB of ram, is struggling with the multi-tasking, and memory overhead, which is causing it to constantly reboot. People report every few days or so, the white background Apple logo making an inviting appearance. Well for me, it’s at least 3 times a day on both tablet and phone. This is completely unacceptable, and if Apple are conservative with adding features rapidly, they are at least expected to not allow crap like this pass quality control. They only release one damn operating system full version a year.

Physical button and small screen, still

Well, for a long time I have not been a fan of a physical button, and I know Apple haven’t really changed much with it, since 2007, but this is such an archaic thing. Perhaps it’s for ergonomical reasons, or for accessibility reasons, but it’s no secret I’m a big fan of the Nexus 4 and 5, which sport digital buttons.

I find them elegant, modern, and without having a clickety button that makes me feel like dirt will eventually get trapped underneath. As for the larger iPhone screen, that’s something people have been asking Apple for, for yonkers.

I think the time has come to make that big screen move, and with the AutoLayouts and other features added to the operating system code, Apple can now trust developers to cater for all screen sizes, without issues. We already have to cater for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 screen sizes. My sense tell me this year will be the year we will see it, with the iPhone evolving to the full 6 iteration, from the 5S.

So why don’t I get an android?

Truth be told, I’ve had a few handsets and whilst I love the Android operating system, a lot more than what iOS has, a few major drawbacks have forced me to stick with iOS. Things that are very easy to sort out, yet the Android ecosystem hasn’t, and has me pegged back at using an iPhone.

Bloatware and other Crapware

I hate bloatware, I’ve had Samsung and other devices that have TouchWiz, their own skin that not only affects the usability of the phone, aesthetic UI, but means I won’t get updates, at least not timely. This forces me to root the phone, voiding the warranty, which I think is crap. We are now seeing some Google Play edition of phones appear, which is awesome, except for the fact we don’t see them in Australia.

The S4 and HTC One, as well as the MotoX Developer edition phones are all great devices, with the pure Google experience, that I like, but they aren’t available in Australia. In fact, my favourite maker, Motorola aren’t releasing any variant of the Moto X to the Australian market, which is quite pathetic.

What about the Nexus line

Well in theory I love the Nexus line, Nexus 5 looks great, and at such a low price, how can you go wrong. Well unfortunately, you can, and like the Nexus 4, the battery is disgusting, it’s really bad. People say the iPhone is worse, but honestly, one of the things I’ve noticed with the latest iOS version is the battery is quite decent. And for me, the number one usability factor is the battery, I should be able to not have to look for a charging cable desperately. If they can’t get that right then at least give us the option Samsung have, with a replaceable battery.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it’s not brain surgery that Google can take my affection easily if they wanted to, but either provide me with a sub-par Nexus phone, that has poor speakers and bad battery, or force me to use a bloatware Samsung S3 TouchWiz phone. Apple have released one of their buggiest operating system iterations, with the re-springing being the bane of my day. But whilst I am torn up between the thought of tossing my iPhone for a Nexus, customers should be able to choose between the best device options, rather than choosing which is the least shitty device. I’m not asking for a lot, I’m not even begging for massive innovation, just to get the buggy things right. So there is my annual mobile Android versus iPhone rant. No death threats please :)