App Review: TypeTool for iOS

TypeTool which can be found by clicking here is a locally brewed app, designed Vodafone's AppLand, and is a great tool for iOS developers to have handy in their 'pockets' when designing pixel-perfect text for their applications. As a version 1.0, it does quite a good job. 

Basically you play around with the various text combinations, look at how it looks like on your Retina or older device, and see how it renders. You then go to Photoshop and use the settings you had for the right combination you set on your phone and there you go, you have the correct settings. It aims to take the guessing away from getting the right text.

- See standard type faces and sizes for iPhone using the Size Chart
- Compose screens and create contextual font settings using the Typesetter
- Get full Photoshop text settings for each iPhone font and size
- Switch between positive and negative (black text on white / white text on black) by simply flipping the phone downwards