Apple TV: Should You Create An App for the Little Black Box?

Wondering whether you should build an Apple TV app? Read my latest article at @thinkApps to find out whether it’s right for you.

The Apple TV has been around for quite some time. In fact, it was introduced back in 2007, when the very first iPhone was released.

But, unlike the iPhone, the Apple TV had a back-seat status of being more of an Apple hobby. And despite numerous incremental improvements over the years, this little black box had still not received much attention from Apple.

This all changed, however, in fall 2015. Amidst the excitement of Apple’s announcements of the new iPhone 6S and iPad Pro in September, the company finally put Apple TV in the spotlight.

The device has been reborn with an array of hardware enhancements, including a fast A8 processor. And the new Apple TV will be controlled through a cleaner interface with deep searching, a gesture-friendly remote control, and the ability to hook up gaming controllers — all powered by Siri.

But the most notable improvement is the all-new tvOS framework, which opens up the platform for the first time to third-party developers.

The first obvious category of apps we expect to see are games, and the bridge from iOS to powerful and immersive TV-room games shouldn’t be too difficult. But of course, games aren’t the only type of app well-suited to the Apple TV.

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