Apple Watch Notification Tutorial

Employing the correct strategy on Apple Watch for notifying users is crucial for maximizing engagement and interaction without saturating them with unwanted glance notifications. 

iOS 8 laid the foundation for interactive notifications, which went beyond mere banners toward having the ability to provide responsive buttons. This conveniently corresponds with the Apple Watch, which was announced a few months later and utilizes the same push notification mechanism.

t the core of notifications are the principles of contextualization, relevance, and responsiveness. All of these play an important role in mobile interfaces but are even more critical for wearables, where battery-life is scarcer and the expected interaction life-span is measured in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. 

The Apple Watch is expected to play a more intimate and personalized role in one’s life than the iPhone. Compared to a phone, which you have to reach for in your pocket or purse, the watch will be wrapped around your wrist constantly. This means that providing targeted and meaningful notifications is even more crucial in capturing users’ attention without inundating them with meaningless notifications. 

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