Book Review: jQuery Pocket Reference By David Flanagan

Like most O'Reilly cookbooks, this follows the same usual familiar pattern and serving the same purpose, of being a quick fire reference to how to do most things, without the author waffling on,  that is commonly associated with most books that are thicker. If you have read a previous cookbook you would know that this book only serves those who have have the basic understanding of how this technology works, have worked with it before or have read a more comprehensive introduction to JQuery. 

The author bares no surprises, provides reliability and in a quick-to-access list, and for me when I am looking up something on how to work within the Document Elements, or on how to invoke events, I have this book handy as a desk-reference. I am a big fan of the concept of cook books and what better way to learn and be more proficient in a scripting language, or any language for that matter, than to learn as you code and try to solve problems that you face, rather than the hypotheticals. 

I give this book a four out of five, in recognition of the convenience that this genre of technical book brings, a concise and quick reference to your everyday problems. 

Concise: [rating=4.5]

Level: [rating=4]

Prior Knowledge: JQuery concepts and general comprehension

My rating :[rating=4]


Author: David Flanagan

TitlejQuery Pocket Reference, 1st Edition

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Year: December 2010