Don’t hate on Skeuomorphism. Here Are 3 Reasons Why | Published at AppDesignVault

Skeumorphism, has been a heated topic recently, dividing the mobile design community, with many critics already declaring this methodology utterly outdated, useless bloatware. The technique of taking high-status physical objects, like kettles and analogue knobs and applying them as UI elements, has been a design fixture of Apple, over the past few years, but with the untimely exit of iOS designer Scott Forstall this month, one of Apple’s fiercest skeumorphism evangelists, Apple may also have decided to have a change of philosophy. Sure, we have seen plenty of examples of apps that have put skeumorphism in the wrong light, and when not done right, it is blatantly clear. Just take a look at Apple’s very own Podcast app, which was heavily bashed upon in the blogosphere, and whilst rightfully criticised, it is also a generalisation to outcast skeumorphism because of the implementation of a few examples.

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