Getting my hands on Mailbox for Mac


Finally, a mail client that I enjoy working with. Apple and GMail users have long suffered on the mac, but no more. The guys at Dropbox finally released a beta version of Mailbox for Mac, extending their product offering from the iOS platform, famous for it's sleek gesture-packed features, allowing you to swipe to archive, swipe to postpone to later. The desktop sibling has managed to inherit all the fun of the mobile version, and whilst it's still heavily in beta, I have switched over to using it full-time. Most importantly, this client app is a huge proponent of zero-email, the concept of ensuring optimal productivity by reducing your inbox to zero, and delegating deferrable actions to a later stage.

Sporting a clean interface, for those of you whom especially used the mobile version feel immediately at home. On the left-panel you get all your essential mailbox folders, including the Later and Archive folders, where your mail gets delegated to when you swipe them from your inbox.  When you get an email, you can either choose to read it, after which you can archive it, or choose to action it for later.

The illustration above shows the various options you have, with macro buttons for later tonightnext week, someday to mention a few, as well as something new and exciting,  mobile, which allows you to defer action to the mobile version of the app, and vice-versa. Think of this as when you are reading an email on your desktop, and need to rush to a meeting, so you can push it to your phone so you can respond to it conveniently.

iOS 8 will have something similar for it's native mail client, but Mailbox decided to beat Apple to the punch, by a few months. Composing emails are just as elegant, and since Mailbox is a dropbox product, you can seamlessly attach dropbox files to your email, as a link and saving you precious space in your sent folder. Mailbox have also announced on their blog they are supporting Drafts, between iOS and desktop, which will become an important aspect when dealing with cross-platform use of the app.

You can start emailing on one platform and finalizing it on the other, something I must admit Apple have so far failed to wow me with when using their native client. I will continue to play around with it and look with keen interest as the beta develops. The beta is closed, and required a betacoin, but you can apply for an invitation by clicking here. I have also offered three free betacoins for my dedicated readers, for the first lucky three: