How to Install Action Menu on iOS 4.3.2

I have seen a lot of people post one or another way of getting Action Menu on a Jailbroken iOS to work, for 4.3.2. This is a really amazing piece of software that adds extra cut and paste stuff and in-context stuff to your phone. In addition, allows you to use Celeste Bluetooth as well. 

Well, the hack way of getting this to work until we get an update from the Action Menu people, is to do the following: 

  1. Download actionmenu_1.1.1-x.for4.3.deb via
  2. Put it somewhere on the cloud, i.e on your Dropbox account.
  3. Rather than use terminal, a quick way would be to open dropbox via your iOS device, find the file, open it, and then send to iFile.
  4. From iFile, open it using installer option  (select the file and a context menu appears). 
  5. That's it, you now have action menu installed.