How to Schedule emails on Gmail

I like millions around the world love GMail and the new features keep coming and coming. But have you ever missed some of the features you get in Microsoft Outlook that you don't have generally in web-based email clients? One such feature is to schedule emails. Well now, thanks to Baydin and either Google Chrome or Firefox, you can not only schedule your email to be sent at a later date but even schedule to view a certain email (in case you don't want to think about that message and want to be reminded on Monday for example).

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Boomerang for Gmail is this plugin that you put on your browser, so that when you do log in to gmail, it adds an extra button to 'Send Later'. 

The guys over at Baydin have also provided a video demonstration:




I started playing around with their plugin and couldn't get it at first but their constant excellent support and update allowed me to finally get this working and I tell you, it really completes my GMail experience and re-defines it now as an enterprise-grade emailing package.


Doron KatzGen, GMail, Mac