How to Start a Startup

I've just received my first copy of the book How to start a startup by @thinkapps, which is based on the expertise of the renowned Stanford course by Y-Combinator with the same namesake.


This book is useful for every type of entrepreneur, be it the tech-savvy, finace-savvy, product-savvy, or marketing-savvy types. For me, this book embodies a centralized repository of entrepreneurial knowledge, that I can use as a timeless reference to guide me through different points of the company lifecycle, from embrionic to exit.

The informative book is the ultimate guide for those aspiring entrepreneurs, looking to pave their golden road to Silicon Valley, providing a playbook on everything from making the right hires/acquisitions, to building awesome products, and to generating publicity.

The book starts off with the basics of setting up your business, from legal and accounting, to outlining what makes great leadership. The book then goes through the various aspects of great products, from nullifying competitors to building customer-focused products.

The later chapters, which I found even more useful, go through the fundraising options, setting the perfect pitch, to setting yourself up for PR, and preparing for interviews. The book also covers the hiring of team-members, creating a strong company culture. And the final chapter guides you through scaling, and how to scale your company, product and service.

The chapters are based on insights from over 25 Silicon Valley Insiders, from the likes of Dustin Moskovitz, Paul Graham, Reid Hoffman, Ben Horowitz, Peter Thiel, Aaron Levie, Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, Ben Silbermann, Patrick and John Collison, and more.

A worthy read, and with the holidays coming up, an excellent present for yourself, or your loved ones. Go ahead and grab the book at Gumroad and happy reading.