How to Update Your App for iOS 11: Drag and Drop

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iOS 11 has elevated iOS, in particular for the iPad, into a true multi-tasking platform, thanks to Drag and Drop. This promises to blur the boundaries between apps, allowing content to be shared easily. Taking advantage of multi-touching, iOS 11 enables content to be moved in a natural and intuitive manner, bringing Apple’s mobile devices closer to parity with the richness enjoyed by its desktop and laptop users.

This long-awaited feature allows you to drag items to another location in the same application, or to another application. This works either through a split-screen arrangement or via the dock, using one continuous gesture. Moreover, users aren’t restricted to just selecting single items, but can drag multiple items at the same time. Many apps, including system apps such as Photos and Files, take advantage of multi-selecting and dragging multiple files.



Objectives of This Tutorial

This tutorial will introduce you to drag and drop, and then dive deeper into the architecture and strategy of using the new Drag and Drop SDK in a table view-powered app. I want to help developers such as yourself to conform your apps to the emerging UI behavior that will become standard in future iOS apps. 

In this tutorial, we will cover the following:

  • Understanding Drag and Drop
  • Implementing Drag and Drop in a Table View 
  • Drag and Drop Best Practices
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