I am Learning Ruby On Rails

Hey guys. OK so I am Learning Ruby On Rails. That is, my aim for the first half of 2014 is to learn Ruby On Rails, and get some vertical depth to my development stack. I am also looking at doing some Javascript Frameworks, from Bootstrap to Google’s AngularJS, but as far as back-end development, ROR was the choice I went with, to complement my iOS skills.

The choice was simple, I was looking at going back into Java or .NET, but for me, RoR seemed the most obvious choice. RoR is huge in the iOS community and it’s versatile ontology suits my environment. .NET requires me to use a Windows computer, and J2EE/Java, well that’s also cumbersome and a steep steep learning curve. So in my quest, the first thing I did was do some Ruby reading, although it’s not necessarily needed, at least not at the start. So, digged up some O’Reilly Rails 3 book, to get the basics under way. My next step was to go to RailsTutorial.org which is awesome. The screencasts are worth buying at $150, you get over 15 hours worth of in-depth Rails learning, which will certainly get you on your way.


I’m past chapter 4, but this website, the free e-book, and the screencasts combined will certainly get you on your way to being a Railer. I will keep you all posted with how I go, and perhaps expand on my blog coverage to include RoR, as well as other Web Development/Design coding samples and tutorials, and commentary.

Here’s to giving my life new Rails.

Doron KatzRoR, Ruby