InstantAPI Lets You Build An API In An Instant

InstantAPI (source: Techcrunch)

InstantAPI (source: Techcrunch)

An interesting service is out there, InstantAPI, which is a more sophisticated cloud service that allows for a more micr-manage-ability of your online services.

With InstantAPI, any developer who knows how to access a database can also create an API. The service currently supports MongoDB, MySQL and Cloudyn, but support for a wider variety of technologies is in the works, and Postgres support should launch in the coming weeks, for example. To get started, a developer simply has to create an account (there is one account per API, not user) and configure access to the backend service. InstantAPI also distinguishes between data APIs and service silos, i.e. APIs that only access databases and those that offer other features (think Facebook’s APIs). Once the system has access to the backend, the developer simply has to map the data that is supposed to be exposed over the API to the REST API by writing standard database queries. In the background, InstantAPI will even write a draft of the API documentation, and once you hit the publish button, the API is live.

Once everything is up and running, InstantAPI will quietly monitor your API’s health — and that of your backend databases or services — and alert you when it looks like something has gone wrong. Over time, as more developers sign up for the service, this could also allow the company to provide other vendors with interesting data about their services. Overall, however, InstantAPI doesn’t want to get too deeply into the API management business. As Ling told me, the idea is to offer all of the essential features to create and run an API (stats, user management, caching, security, etc.), so there is some overlap there with API management services like Mashery anyway, but the focus for the time being is going to be on API creation.

Check out the original article, on TechCrunch which includes a Q&A with the founders.

(source: Techcrunch

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