iOS 10 Series: Creating VoIP Apps with CallKit

In my latest @programmableWeb article, I take a look at Creating VoIP Apps with CallKit.

One of the most distinguished features to come out of Apple’s last WWDC is the ability for third-party communications apps, like Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp, to tap into the system level and allow users to interact with incoming calls on the same level of intimacy as regular phone calls. This is possible thanks to the new iOS 10 API, CallKit, developers who are working on VOIP apps can now integrate seamlessly into the phone UI and provide a more native and intimate experience. But what does that mean?

Say for instance, when you are receiving calls from a WhatsApp user, previously you would receive a push notification, forcing you to unlock your phone to get into the specific app in order to answer the call. With iOS 10 and CallKit, users can now receive calls the same way a normal call would come in, answering it via the lock screen. More so, users can also manage contacts as well as look at recent calls and favorites via the phone’s contacts app, blurring the boundaries between VoIP apps and the native phone app.

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Doron Katzios, Swift