Keycard to unlock your mac via bluetooth

I've recently come across Keycard, an OSX app from Appuous that acts like an OS locker for your Mac, utilising the bluetooth connection with your iPhone to ensure that when you leave your desk, with your phone in your pocket, the computer locks, preventing unauthorised access.

Keycard pinThat is, it works by having your Mac check your iPhone or iPad for it's proximity and detects if your device is outside of its proximity radius, before it locks. When you return to the desk, it unlocks. You also have the chance to unlock your computer with a designated pin-code. To get things started, you have to pair your iPhone or iPad with your computer using the Keycard app, and it does have some issues, that need ironing out. I have faith that they will resolve those kinks in the next couple of releases, but certainly worth exploring, but for $7 why not give it a go.

If the developers decide to open an SDK to the public, imagine the creativity that would stem from that. For instance, when you get your Pebble watch, you could use your watch to lock and unlock, something that makes more sense than a phone. You will always wear your watch, whereas the phone, well you may leave your desk but not necessarily take your phone with you. Perhaps they could also look at using your computer's camera as a way to lock or unlock your computer, by seeing if you are actually in front of it or not.

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Pros: Intuitive, easy to setup and a great concept. There is a great potential for this app.

Cons: It still is rusty in practice however, as the bluetooth proximity radius is about 45 metres, it may be too far to have to go before the device locks Bottom Line: A worthy investment for $7, I hope the authors of this app will improve and tweak the app, but a low risk considering what it proposes it would do.

Price: $7.0 as of date of publication

Rating: [rating=4.0]

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