Make sense of iOS Certificates

When developing your iOS app, you reach a point where you are ready to either build for your own device to test, or to distribute to others. The one thing that you may find that is quite fickly is certificate management. You may be using your own, or a company's or moving between one and the other for a specific project. Quite often though, you can't seem to get the certificates to work and the reasons even more confusing. Enter this open-sourced project, from @karstenBriksoft, who has provided to the community a nifty tool that allows for reasons to be given for why a certificate isn't working.

A tool that tells you why your certificates might not work. It is designed to be easily extensible and currently implements the following Certificate Problems (to add a problem, subclass CertificateProblem and implement +load,-infoObjects and -htmlDescription)

    • NoCertificateProblem: No problems found, your certificates should work
    • MissingCertificatesProblem: No Certificates were found that have a name like "3rd Party…"
    • MissingPrivateKeyProblem: No Private key found for your certificates. You need the private keys in order to sign with the certificates

As the description states, it's extensible through subclassing and implementing new problems and it's a great start for people who wish to fork and contribute to. You can find the project over at github at