Manage Your TestFlight Testers & Builds with Your Terminal and Pilot

The features you can now accomplish via terminal includes:

  • Upload new builds and distribute them to all testers
  • List all available builds
  • Add and remove beta testers
  • Get information about testers, like the registered devices
  • Export and import all your testers

This is the first in a series of posts on TestFlight that I will be covering, and the first few will be dedicated to fast lane which have made some great open-source tools for working with TestFlight. Admiringly, TestFlight has been a bit less automative since Apple took it on, and I'm sure Apple will be making it more robust over the coming years. In the mean-time, some creative guys have taken on-to-themselves to make life easier for the time-being. One such project is Pilot by fastlane.

The benefits of using terminal is that it's fast, you don't have to navigate through the labyrinth of iTunes Connect to configure everything, which buys you time, especially considering that TestFlight work is generally not as glamorous as other more creative work. So definitely worth checking out!