Microsoft will offer Windows 10 for free in July

Microsoft aims to have ubiquity amongst all device platforms running Windows, by Windows 10.

Microsoft aims to have ubiquity amongst all device platforms running Windows, by Windows 10.

Windows and Microsoft are finally following in the footsteps of Apple and are making their Windows operating system a free upgrade. As of July 29, Microsoft will be switching to a Windows as a Service model, but the free offer will only be for existing Windows 7 and 8 users.

It is disappointing that Microsoft have yet committed to making Windows a completely free platform, like Apple's OS X, and start providing incremental updates. Sure you do get Windows for free when you buy a computer, but that's an archaic model. 

Microsoft’s long-derided Internet Explorer will be replaced by Edge on Windows 10, while the operating system promises to unify the Windows ecosystem of apps and services across desktop, laptop and tablet PCs as well as smartphones.
Microsoft’s voice-controlled digital assistant, Cortana, will also make its debut beyond smartphones with Windows 10, rivalling Apple’s Siri and Google’s Now. Microsoft recently announced that Cortana would also be made available for the iPhone and Android devices.

To prevent more users jumping to Mac, make the operating system free, and charge for enterprise tools like Office 365 on a a subscription-based model. By continuing to charge significantly for Windows, either you will see more people jump to Apple, or less-frequent operating system upgrades, meaning a significant fragmented market of Windows versions. 

More so, we will see those still hanging on to the older version of Windows the greater target of hacking and viruses. It's about time Microsoft restructures their pricing models. They are not going to make money from Windows, they will make money by people using Windows to buy Windows products.