My reaction to Sparrow being acquired by Google

sg-tHeCJJvU7sgn.png Over the weekend, us Mac users have been hit with the news that one of OSX's favourite third-party client, Sparrow, was acquired by Google, which made headlines worldwide in the blogosphere. Now, a lot has already been said by both bloggers blog-commenters, but I thought I'd weigh in on the controversy.

It's true that a lot of people are venting their anger at the crew at SparrowMail, because they are abandoning their indie venture into creating a really amazing Mail app client, they are also disillusion by what the developers over there actually believe, that they don't owe anyone anything. What utter crap... Sure, they aren't obliged to have someone pay once and get unlimited updates, but as is the nature of their pricing model. They could have gone with a Spotify model, of paying a monthly or yearly subscription, which people would be happy to do, provided they get great updates.

But nevertheless, and more vital, they have failed to even provide basic necessities in their iOS version, such as notifications for emails, and people have already forked out money for that, so that is something they should expect. But this raises an even bigger question, why is Google buying this venture?


The evil empire that tries to make others perceive as the victim of an Apple monopoly, has engulfed SparrowMail. Is it because they plan on enhancing and releasing a Google version of the mailing app for the Mac? Or perhaps for the iOS, to replace it's existing (and failed) iOS GMail app? Probably not either...

The real reason...

Well, I believe Google would like control over anyone viewing GMail, because they thrive on advertising revenue, and seeing how popular Sparrow is, they would like to take control of it, so that they can either put their advertising on the mail client, or worse, kill it off altogether, so that they can force more people back onto viewing GMail on your browser. Well, granted, they aren't getting rid of their IMAP channel to allow and other email clients to get their GMail fix, because that would look blatantly evil, they instead looked at how popular Sparrow mail is and closed off one more channel, so that more people can be exposed to Google's crap-ware ads.

In the Android iOS wars, you truly can't have your mind clouded by open versus closed etc, because that isn't the battlefield at all. The root of all evil is informational control, and whilst Apple look like they have their tentacles hooked on you, it's actually Google who is using your information with the aid of carriers and manufacturers to pass your information on to advertisers. Apple have control of your information too, but they are not using it for advertising, so you have to think of it in that context... And if you don't believe that, fine... Just make sure to diversify your techno-investments so that you aren't reliant on Google or Apple, equally.