My review of the luxurious leather case for the MacBook, by Woolnut

In this article, I review the  Woolnut cover (@woolnutCovers), a leather sleeve for my laptop, which brings a new sense of elegance and protection, whilst saving me from having to fork out twice as much for a lesser sleeve. 

A few months ago, I was in the hunt for a luxurious leather sleeve to protect my 12-inch 2017 MacBook protection case or sleeve, something that will give my laptop the same level of protection whilst instilling a sense of leather elegance that matches my iPad Pro and iPhone X. Over the years my previous MacBooks have been victims of incidental bumps that have caused blemishes, and being as obsessive compulsive as I always am with my gadgets, when I got my 2017 laptop I needed an extra layer between my larger laptop bag and computer to protect it. 

My initial research took me toward the more obvious choice, the 12-inch sleeve that Apple is selling on its store. In fact, I went into the store with my laptop in hand and tried it out. 

Strangely enough, while reviews for it on the official site are extremely positive, I didn’t quite get that from the case. In fact, for $149, the sleeve was extremely thin but too thin in my opinion to serve as any form of protection. It is akin to the iPad Pro sleeve that Apple are selling, but with microfiber lining. For the price, at the end, it seemed too steep for what I got out of it, and so my quest for finding the perfect sleeve continued.

That is when I came across a company called Woolnut, which are based in Sweden. I had purchased the black leather, although I was given a the cognac brown color a few months later to review, so I had two units to test out, and over two months, have swapped both. In my review, besides the aesthetics I wanted to test usability and durability, which is important when you need it to protect your expensive laptop. 

The Aesthetics

So first up, let’s take a look at the sleeve itself. On the outside you have a more thicker and seemingly durable vegetable tanned leather, sourced from a specialist company in Germany, and as the company’s namesake suggests, wool on the inside. To me, it sounded a bit strange, and the image of a wool sweater came to mind, but nevertheless, the feeling is as comforting as your favorite sweater.


Over the few months, the full-grain leather has held up beautifully, it has portrayed character in its slight aging without any wrinkles you would find in other leather, and instead would see over time a leather patina marking, but overall a natural beautiful look. It is thicker than Apple’s sleeve to give you a greater sense of protection, but light and elegant so you aren’t compromising on lightness. 

The grain remains, allowing the fiber strength and durability. The grain also has breathability, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact. Rather than wearing out, it will develop a patina over time which makes each and every Woolnut sleeve unique. (source: Woolnut)


Moving over to the inside of the sleeve, you have 100% natural wool felt without excessive wool or fluff, just a seamless gentle wool that gives your laptop a soft cushion whilst maintaining a snug fit. 


Not a lot to say from a functionality perspective except the crisp and precise design of the leather exterior and woolen interior meant when my laptop is fitted inside of it, it fits really snug so I don’t feel like it may slip out of the sleeve at any stage. The leather feels good when holding it as I walk between meetings, which is what you should come to expect from a superior leather sleeve. 

When I go to airports, I keep the laptop in the sleeve, so I don’t get any markings or anything as it goes through the security belt, which was my first test, during a flight to and from Florida. So, overall, high marks for usability. 


So as I mentioned earlier, I’ve waiting about three months before doing this review because I wanted observe its durability, the final test in evaluating the sleeve. Happy to say, after normal use it looks exactly the same as the first day I used it, fits just as snuggly, and no exterior markings whatsoever. 

I haven’t treated it with any leather treatment, just use it as normal. In contrast, the Apple iPad Pro leather sleeve which I compare to the MacBook version Apple is selling, does attract marks more easily and having had it for roughly the same time as the Woolnut sleeve, Apple’s leather product feels a lot cheaper and thinner, and more easily subject to stress. Here you will see a close up of my Woolnut sleeve and as you can see, no blemishes or signs of wear and tear whatsoever. 


Okay, so we’ve talked a lot about the sleeve, how much is this going to set you back? Whereas Apple’s sleeve would end up costing you $149 USD plus taxes, Woolnut is only 75 Euros which is roughly $91 USD, so you are saving quite a bit and getting a lot more in my opinion. 

Of course Woolnut provides covers for the entire range of Apple MacBook Series, from the 12 inch MacBook to the MacBook Pros. 

About the Company

Woolnut was founded in Stockholm late October 2012 by three friends with backgrounds in design engineering and product development. With a genuine interest in tech, new gadgets and modern craftsmanship, it quickly got clear that most of the existing protection covers and sleeves for laptops lacked the combination of using genuine materials together with simplistic and functional shapes – in a traditional and stylish way. On these bases, the first version of a Woolnut protection cover was crafted one late night in a Stockholm apartment. After a few weeks of tweaking and shaping the cover into perfection, a decision was made to take this new fantastic product to market. The Woolnut brand was born.


So, after putting the covers through my tests, I am happy to say I’ve fallen in love with them. I wish they had an iPad Pro sleeve, but in any case, if you are after elegance infused with protection and function, do yourself a favor and get yourself a Woolnut cover. It may seem that I may be praising it because I did receive a free review unit, but having purchased one myself before, I can assure you that my mind was made up irrespective.


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