Parse is going Open Source


Parse, Facebook's cloud-powered mobile backend solution, popular amongst iOS and Android developers, has announced that it will be going in the way of being open-sourced.

Joing the likes of their other projects, React, Presto and RocksDB, the social-media giant has decided to go open-source in the hope of accelerating Parse's development and innvoation. The goal is for Parse to open-source all of their Parse SDKs, starting with iOS, OSX and Android, with Javascript and Windows to follow suite in the near future.

For developers who have used Parse before, on iOS the architecture is built around asynchronous communication, through the Bolts Framework for tasks, or Javascript Promises for Web Apps.

Supporting the open-source * mantra, Parse will also be opening up it's *developer support flow, allowing for developers to report issues and communicate issues in GitHub, crowd-sourcing bug and support.

Parse have already open-sourced their documentation back in May, for the public to be able to edit and maintain Parse's documentation guides, for their various SDKs. Documentation is now ported onto their Github page, pulling down all the latest markdown changes from Github on a regular basis and converting them into HTML, and into the Parse Docs page.