Rapid iOS development with Applicasa

As an iOS Developer, you always strive to be efficient in development, focus on what is important, and for most developers, at least us indie developers, you want to focus on the beauty of your app, the code. Maybe you do your own icons, maybe you outsource it, to help de-scope unnecessary work. Well, why not think about making the database side of things easier for you by leveraging the cloud? Everyone knows CoreData can be cumbersome and time-consuming to work with, design and implement, as is creating web services and sorting out JSON, both from a server and client-side. Well, Applicasa takes the fuss and hassle out of it, and I am a newly convert of this.


The benefits of working with them not only lies in the fact that it's dead simple to implement their API (which I will be showing you over the

course of the next few weeks with a series of tutorials), but that it's essentially a CMS, allowing you to give others access to insert and update content, whilst not compromising the database integrity.

When you are designing the data objects, it's pretty much as simple as drag-and-drop, you drag the type, including foreign keys. On the CMS side, the content-editors don't even have to be exposed to foreign key, they just the actual value they can enter for that foreign item. That is, if a User object has Profession object related to it, with the option of 'Student' or 'Professor', the CMS editor will enter the User information and for the foreign element, has a drop-down of the possible options to choose from, rather than having to remember the foreign key ID value for student to match to the User.

The good guys at Applicasa also provide you with an easy-to-use push functionality, right from the dashboard screen. You can schedule a push, choose the sound notification and add parameters to the push payload, all so easily. Coming soon, you can base a push notification on certain data criteria, using custom and powerful queries.

Well, there is tons more features to talk about, I am very excited with this product and will be providing you with some great tutorials in the next few weeks, which will hopefully illustrate and emphasise why Applicasa is the way to go. In the meantime, visit applicasa.com and register. It's great, and the pricing model is fantastic.



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