Review of Designing for Behavior Change | Stephen Wendel

  A strong theoretic book that explores the conscious and sub-conscious minds of behaviour, in order to set the mindset for designing for human behaviour. A pillar of UX development, Stephen Wendel presents the psychology of why people do things in a certain way, and strategies for encouraging behavioural change, re-forming habits and so forth.

The book is funny, insightful and compresses a lot of research and noise into something thats easy to digest. You will learn behavioural economics, focus your application or product or service on how to evade obstacles in behaviour change, with practical examples and tutorials to follow.

Concise: [rating=4]

Level: [rating=3]

Prior Knowledge: Just some design knowledge

My rating :[rating=4.5]


AuthorStephen Wendel

TitleDesigning for Behavior Change

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Year: NOVEMBER 2013

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