Review of Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers

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Matthew J McCullough( @matthewmccull‎ ) and Tim Berglund (@tlberglund) are back again with a new video series, Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers which is a concise set of videos to help developers keep ahead of their daily programming workflows.

This video course shows you how to apply a wide range of tools and techniques—including shell enhancements, markdown files, and spotlight filters, to name a few—to help you become a more productive developer on the Mac OS X platform.

I first encountered these dynamic O’Reilly authors back when I watched the Mastering Advanced Git video series back in 2012, which was of course based on Matthew’s book, Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition, and hands-down, it took me to watching and reading those two book/video combinations to actually move from subversion to git, which is a remarkable feat, to get a developer to move source control repo preferences.

Knowing how convincing they were at that, I’ve decided to review Mac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers which was great at providing bite-size tips on improving your workflow. It’s not required to be digested sequentially, so you can go ahead and cherry-pick things that apply to you, bit-by-bit and learn something new every day.

The first video tutorial I looked at was “Source Control Assistants”, followed by Web Service Helpers and Pasteboard command line, as those are the most immediate topics based on what I’m currently working on. Learning Ruby on Rails, I wanted to master my command line more as I am becoming more git command-line savvy, and working with REST APIs in RoR, perhaps looking at the toolbox of other developers might help.

In fact a lot of the videos are aimed at developers becoming more comfortable with using terminal, from using curl to tig for a fancy ASCII view experience. Matthew and Tim were both great at explaining the reasoning for each of the workflows, and for programmers, it’s not just about the theory of coding, which you can get from books and tutorials and practice, but looking at how others work, helps adjust your environment accordingly, which is just as important.

Some things are much better done as videos than books, and MAC OS X Productivity Tips for Developers certainly fits that logic.

Other topics in this video series include:

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

I’ve enjoyed the video tutorials I’ve watched so far, thoroughly informative, and for me, learning something new every day, on my bus ride to work, I can show off something new to my colleagues. Five thumbs up, a great investment for the aspiring as well as seasoned developers.

Concise: 5

Level: 5

Prior Knowledge: You need to be a developer, have a mac and have some familiarity with using Terminal

Myrating: 5


Author: Matthew McCullough, Tim Berglund

TitleMac OS X Productivity Tips for Developers: Supercharge Your Daily Programming Workflow

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Year: DECEMBER 2013