Review of Developing Android Applications with Adobe AIR | Véronique Brossier

The first android book that I am going to review, but this book in particular is on how to develop Android applications with Flex, more specifically. The book, titled Developing Android Applications with Adobe Air by Véronique Brossier is the book I have been waiting for a while. While there are tons of resources on developing droid applications natively with Java and the Android SDK, a book for Flex developers on how to leverage their existing skills has been quite scarce, or at least non-centralised. This book aims to achieve this centralisation, and covers a wide range of features, accessing device-hardware components such as camera, to gestures and saving data on the device with SQLite. And even though this book states android, you may also be able with Flash Builder 4.5 to target Blackberry and iOS devices as well, with some caveats.

I found the book to be easily understood, as a Flex developer but for non Actionscript developers, I think they may find this book quite hard to follow, without the fundamentals of AS, in which case they would need to read some Flex development books.

I am not sure when I will start developing android apps, but having this handy book with me, on my iPad, I can look at extending my iOS applications into having sister Android apps at a later stage, and this book will give me that guide.

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Concise: [rating=4]

Level: [rating=4.5]

Prior Knowledge: Actionscript 3/Flex 3.5-4

My rating :[rating=3]


Author: Véronique Brossier TitleDeveloping Android Applications with Adobe AIR, 1st Edition Publisher: O'Reilly Media Year: April 2011