Review of Essential iOS Build and Release

Essential iOS Build and Release by Ron Roche is another of those 'micro-books', a concise book with a scope solely focused on how to build for testing and publishing your iOS App, whether it's AdHoc, App Store or through Enterprise distributions. It takes you through the over-complex routes that would get a developer to get the App to have the appropriate provisioning profiles and certificates. It's standard information that you would probably find in almost any other iOS book, but the conciseness of this book makes it handy when you don't want to go through the hundreds of pages to find the relevant material.

This 116-page book is well written, with a very important chapter that is something not a lot of developers appreciate. Automating test builds, using open-source tools such as Hudson is something that is lacking in many development environments and not very-well documented generally, so it's impressive that it is included here. I generally find having a shelf of specialised books rather than a general iOS book to be more useful as you don't generally find the entire book relevant whereas specialised books are something you pick out because it's specifically more relevant to you and contains content that are generally either 'skimmed-over' or missed out completely by the more general books.

I give mr Roche four thumbs up, and if I had a half a thumb I'd add that as well. I don't think there is much more that could have been added to the book, although i would have liked to have seen alternative integration tools such as Atlassian Bamboo referenced, but perhaps once again that may be left for another specialised book, dealing with iOS Testing.

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Author: Ron Roche TitleEssential iOS Build and Release, 1st Edition Publisher: O'Reilly MediaYear: December 2011