Review of" iOS 4 Programming Cookbook Solutions & Examples for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Apps

One of my most anticipated sort of book, a cookbook for


. After falling in love with other Cookbooks, such as the Flex and SQL cookbooks, this book gets the most prominent spot on my bookshelf (or e-book shelf). For the intermediary developers, this book follows the same cookbook format in providing concise and essential reference to all the components of an iOS application, for the iPhone or iPad.

Providing the "


model on everything from Objects and memory handling (boy do I forget some of that instantiation stuff memory ownership rules sometimes) to working with Core Data and Networking, you get everything you need to in a neat reference. For the novice developers, it also provides a quick 'jump into the pool' option for them to dive straight into coding without the theory. Either way, I am a bit fan of these books as I have noted in previous blog

What I would like, not like I did expect that from this book, so it's not a hit at Vandad, but the addition of third-party frameworks such as Three20 and RestKit, to help developers more efficiently in solving problems relating to web service-to-CoreData syncing for example.  Other than that, you get in the book everything you need to create a great app, leaving you to search for any obscure things via the

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Concise: [rating=2.5]

Level: [rating=4]

PriorKnowledge: General iOS Development skills

Myrating :[rating=3.5]


AuthorVandad Nahavandipoor Title: iOS 4 Programming Cookbook Publisher: O'Reilly MediaYear: February 2011