Review of iOS 5 Programming Cookbook

The follow on from 

iOS 4 Cookbook

, which I thoroughly enjoyed by 

Vandad Nahavandipoor

, is the opposite of what you might find being the 

more concise O'Reilly books on specific iOS topics

, that I normally review. Depending on how your mind operates, this book may be an excellent first book, otherwise it makes an even greater secondary reference book. It is certainly not concise, but it doesn't have the problem that normal iOS books have of going through chapter by chapter skimming certain topics, this one has it all.

It goes through the normal problem-->solution-->discussion process to allow you to quickly identify which topic matches your needs and then explains that topic concisely with an example, rather than go through all the fluff. The fluff is left for the discussion part in case you wanted to know more. But if this isn't your ideal way of learning, in a non-linear but contextual method, then keep this book as a reference.

For instance, I enjoyed the chapter on Concurrent Programming using Grand Central Dispatch, and it not only explained what it was, but had dedicated problems dealing with serial vs concurrent, using operations as opposed to using blocks, with examples in Objective-C as well as C, which rounds off the topic well. I see this type of a book as mixing well with my concise books because I can read through this book and if I wanted to find out more about Building and certificating apps, I pick up one of the more specialised O'Reilly books. But overall, I find this book to be brilliant, and I knew that before picking it up for my read and review, because I know what to expect. A cookbook, not a history book.

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Concise: [rating=5]

Level: [rating=2]

PriorKnowledge: Basic OOP experiencce

Myrating :[rating=4.5]


Author: Vandad Nahavandipoor TitleiOS 5 Programming Cookbook, 1st EditionPublisher: O'Reilly Media Year: February 2012