Review of iOS 8 Swift Programming CookBook

I have reviewed tons of Cookbooks over the years, and this one is no exception, it provides a concise shortcut to the basics, with references to specific areas you want to look into. I am always hesitant to recommend this book for newbies, and for swift, I would highly recommend some of the other books I have (or will be reviewing) reviewed first, and then use this book as a supplement when working on your specific projects. I have followed and reviewed Vandad Nahavandipoor for quite some time as well, and in conformity with all the other sorts of cookbooks O’Reilly has, it starts off with the initial chapters focusing on the basic Swift concepts (working with variables, arrays, dictionaries, classes, operators etc.) squeezed into one chapter.

Following the introductory chapter, we go through the same chapter-by-chapter structure you got in the iOS 7 book, working with UIViews and UI controls. The second chapter then follows on with Extensions which is an important aspect of Swift.

The author then dives into HealthKit, one of the most prominent new SDKs Apple has introduced, as part of chapter 3. This chapter is fully dedicated to the topic, from setting up your app, to accessing, and retrieving specific health properties. The subsequent chapter is all about HomeKit, the home-automation SDK Apple has also introduced this year at WWDC.

The book also has chapters on the standard iOS topics, from interactive UI, to TableViews, Concurrency and so forth. Chapter 8 is particularly interesting, as it discusses Touch ID, amongst other Security features, and how to make use/integrate. The book also covers topics on Address Book, Photos (which in iOS we move away from Camera Roll) and iBeacon/Bluetooth as well as a small topic on Core Data.

As mentioned at the start, this book is great for a reference guide, and not enough information on any topic to make you an expert, but just to get you pointed in the right directions. With those caveats, I recomend this book for the intent and purpose it fulfills .

Concise: 4.5

Level: 4

Prior Knowledge: Some Swift knowledge, and intermediary Objective-C is needed.

My rating: 4

AuthorVandad Nahavandipoor
TitleiOS 8 Swift Programming Book
Publisher: O'Reilly Media 
Date: September 2014

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