Review of jQuery Mobile: Up and Running

This book does indeed seem like a pre-released even though it has alredy been published, but it feels a bit incomplete in many areas, which was the general gist I got from reading this book and comparing it to various other books that I have come across. The second thing I noticed was the way the author structured this book, starting with a theoretical background of JQuery followed by the various controls (such as lists, navigation), leaving out DOM and selector stuff, which falls under the more fundamental JQuery literature, which means this book is catered towards people who have a basic/general understanding of JQuery. Whether the author will in fact later include those in chapters I am not sure of, but I would certainly like to see that summarised in a chapter or two.

Having said that, the author does imply that you need to get another book (cross-sell) in order to get understandings of other things, which isn't great, it's as if you purchased a catalogue that advertises other books, rather than substantiate these themes and topics in the book you would have purchased. I also can't validate purchasing this book over a cookbook, although there isn't any recent cookbook for JQuery by O'Reilly, since jQuery Cookbook, 1st Edition by C. Lindley in 2009.

The reading is quite easy although it feels very thin in many parts, although surprisingly good in other parts, such as with Event handling and theme rolling, which is quite good, but this also means that I would recommend this book only as a bundle with one or two other JQuery books in order to get a more holistic comprehension of JQuery Web development. This book does serve a purpose but that depends on what you want to get out of just this one book, or whether this will form part of a course for you and you will be armed with an arsenal of jQuery books in order to get a complete understanding of all the fundamental and more advanced concepts of the scripting language.

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Concise: [rating=4]

Level: [rating=3]

Prior Knowledge: Javascript, Other JQuery knowledge (beginner's)

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Author: Maximiliano Firtman TitlejQuery Mobile: Up and Running, 1st Edition Publisher: O'Reilly Media Year: February 2012