Review of jQuery UI

The author, Eric Sarrion does a great effort in bringing an introductory-cum-intermediary level explanation of JQuery UI libraries and widgets, organised in a logical sequence of widget-by-widget explanation of what the particular UI object is, why it's used, what events it exposes, in a pleasantly easy-to-read style.  As a self-professed JQuery novice developer, Ifound this book to be straight forward and clear, especially with the first three chapters which discuss the more theoretical side of things before you start getting into the standard widgets. The book dives into common widgets such as Tab management, modal dialogue boxes, accordion menus, auto-complete and progression bars, without a pre-requisite for under-the-hood javascript 'know-how', which is quite refreshing. For the more seasoned javascript developers, they may find this book to be too basic and repeated, but for the more novice of aspirers, this book builds a solid building-block to other more specialised and advanced javascript and JQuery books. This book isn't exactly going to be the reference book you keep in your shelf for years to come, but rather a great and quick springboard to guiding you to other books that are useful as a reference long-term.

I don't have any specific complaints about the book, I find it to serve it's purpose quite well, and collectively with other javascript books from O'Reilly, I find it to fit it's piece in the process quite well. I am pleasantly surprised, not blow-away but sufficiently happy with the book, and would recommend you skim a copy of it in your library or bookshop, to see if its structure suits you.

The book does require you understand the concepts of JQuery to some extent, at least the structure of calling methods and functions and manipulating the DOM, as well as some fundamental Javascript coding as well, but beyond that, this book goes into the actual widgets, user-facing goodies library that you can take out of the box and use. Otherwise, the structure and tone of the book is clear and straightforward.

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Author: Eric Sarrion TitlejQuery UI, 1st Edition Publisher: O'Reilly Media Year: March 2012