Review of Jump Start CoffeeScript

Jump Start CoffeeScript  by  Earle Castledine takes an express approach to delivering the technical know-how, combined with the theory and story of the book's concepts. THe first chapter gets you started, and then the author goes on to the CoffeeScript fundamentals, going through sample code and illustrating differentiations between javascript components and coffee-script specific components, with the goal at the end of the book, for you to come up with a coffee-script powered game.


The book is quite concise, the chapters and sample code flow through quite easily, even for someone like me who backs a very strong javascript background, to be able to follow. Midway through the book you get into the more advanced concepts, of working with classes, graphics and collision detection between objects, which is quite powerful stuff. The final chapter deals with HTML5 FX and integrating that into your game.


As the book's title states, this is a jump start, so you get deep into coding quite quickly, in order to achieve one goal, one project. This book is a great start but in order to further explore CoffeeScript, you then need to continue on your education and follow on other and more diverse resources, in order to get a more holistic understanding. I personally am a big fan of this book, and the style of book, where you have a cookbook, practical-driven approach to learning, and then once you get a taste of what the tool or language is, you are driven to further understand concepts yourself.

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Concise: [rating=5]

Level: [rating=3]

Prior Knowledge: Basic OOP and Javascript would be advantageous.

My rating :[rating=4]



Jump Start CoffeeScript AuthorEarle Castledine TitleJump Start CoffeeScript, 1st Edition Publisher: O'Reilly Media Year: November 2012