Review of Killer UX Design by Jodie Moule

There are quite a few UX design books in circulation, and perhaps it is something that can be partially taught, but partially has to be ingrained in you, intuitively, but this book certainly bridges the first aspect, by being a fantastic textbook on UX Designing. Jodie starts off the book in by explaining what UX is, what UX is not, it's purpose in solving problems, which gradually leads to the notion of it being a Behaviour Driven Design approach. The author then explains the process of understanding your client, it's business offering and revenue streams, whilst being inclusive of all stakeholders and the entire end-to-end services, defining personals for different types of users and most importantly, the behaviours that the project should target.

The book then continues with the mandatory steps, that will build up to conducting the appropriate research techniques, by asking the right questions, the right candidates for the market research, that will help you understand the relevant behaviours more appropriately. The exciting bit comes in chapter 4, when you get to play around with quick sketching to brainstorm ideas, based on the knowledge gained from the previous chapters, and the author makes very good points in ensuring you don't fall into certain traps and misconceptions when conducting your brainstorming.

Designing for behaviour change (or designing with intent) is what successful designers need to understand and incorporate into their work today. Successful technology understands users' habits or becomes a new trigger.

Chapter 5 and 6 get more into prototyping, and the author guides you more into how to sketch, create narratives and stories and envisaging scenarios, as well as combining with storyboarding to create the illustration of the users' overall experience. Jodie also encourages a form of collaborative sketching, to create a conglomerate of ideas across the team.

The final chapters move towards explaining how UX Designing is iterative, or agile, just as Development is, going through cycles of testing, learning, tweaking, in iterating. More so, you will get to test how you went, via various testing methodologies, such as usability, concept, design and competition analysis, devising a script that will serve you in improving your UX solution.

The book isn't lengthy, and rather clear and concise, follows the logical steps from the initial chapters of explaining the purpose of UX and it's importance in providing a human-oriented perspective, and then dives into the techniques for capturing the behavioural expectations, and then sketching those ideas into scenarios, before prototyping a solution that matches your research. The book probably explains what you probably know or understand sub-conciously, but puts it in a formal and easy to understand form, which serves as a great reference for looking up in the future, when you want to re-trace the steps required in creating your new app or project. The author illustrates throughout a sample project, which is a hypothetical iPhone app, but the book is generic enough to be applied to any concept, whether it is a website or even a desktop application.

I am certainly a fan of this book and enjoy the writing style of Jodie Moule, and ergo would recommend this book to anyone who wants to make their apps more useable.


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Concise: [rating=4.5]

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Prior Knowledge: None,it is simply a sociological and theoretical journey into design, and prototyping concepts.

My rating :[rating=4.75]


Killer UX Design Author: Jodie Moule TitleMaster Mobile Web Apps with jQuery Mobile, 3rd ed. Publisher: SitePoint Year: September 2012


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