Review of Mobile Design Pattern Gallery

A quintessential catalogue for mobile developers, this is a no-frills systematic guide to common patterns. It tries to be device-neutral but does illustrate good and bad patterns on both droid and iOS devices in an easy to navigate and follow reference book. It doesn't spent too long on explanations but provides a fantastic depth of every possible combination, allowing you as the developer to pick and choose in building your entire application navigation and controls.

The book has over 400 illustrative examples, and its categorised into 10 sections with patterns, anti-patterns (what not to do), discussing conventions as well as times when you can stray out to differentiate provided it meets UX requirements. The book details these patterns for 

tables (UITableViews), forms (and how to focus and fit the appropriate input controls), charts, help guide controls etc

, so you should find the precise combination that would suite your application.

I have this book handy in my development toolbox, when i look at the conceptual stage to do the wireframes in Omnigraffle, and for me, translating existing websites into mobile apps, I need quick references to the controls that replicate the core functionality of the web-app. I rate this book 

9 out of 10

, it's fantastic, what I need without the 

bells and whistles

 of theory I don't need. Just a comprehensive reference book to get you designing the right way from the start.

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Author: Theresa Neil TitleMobile Design Pattern Gallery, 1st Edition Publisher: O'Reilly MediaYear: March 2012