Review of PayPal APIs: Up and Running

Always thought PayPal  needed it's own dedicated book and here it is. Michael Balderas provides a concise book (yes it's a bit small) that details how to use the PayPal API, working with PHP and Objective-C (although I doubt the relativity of Obj-C considering iOS developers won't be able to make use of third-party payment APIs), you will learn to integrate PayPal into your website or application.

The complete cycle from selecting the appropriate libraries and calls, to enabling the Pro Website Payment features and using different sorts of payment options. The author also looks at mobile express checkout, optimised for Paypal for mobile devices, and whilst this may not be relevant to iOS devices, working with Android and other devices is quite useful. The cycle is completed when the author guides the developer on how to test the code in a PayPal sandbox.

I quite enjoy short concise books, the theory behind all of everything is better left to links and the appendix, with the meat being lean and tasty. I highly rate this book and add it to my collection of cookbooks. Specialised and useful, definitely worth the read!.

I Rate this book:  

3.5 out of 5

PayPal APIs: Up and Running

PayPal APIs: Up and Running, 1st Edition

By Michael Balderas

Does your web application provide users with a convenient way to complete transactions? This book introduces you to PayPal’s APIs with instruction and resources for integrating this popular payment solution in different application environments...

Format: Print, Ebook, Safari Books Online

Publish Date: February 2011