Review of Photoshop CS6 Unlocked: 101 Tips, Tricks, and Techniques | by Corrie Haffly

A different kind of Photoshop book, Corrie Haffley presents a book that is aimed specifically for web developers, and the sequence and structuring of this book makes that quite obvious from the start. It begins by giving the reader a flavour of essential tasks to paint a general overview of important tasks that the user will dive into later in the book, then goes into a cookbook recipe of 'how to achieve certain things'. The reader will from the onset learn to do very specific tasks, such as creating round corners for images, creating that coupon dotted effect, creating various types of buttons, working with various text effects and impressions, to doing various other image manipulations, and so forth. In chapter 9, the author works on more advanced Photoshop techniques, from working with batch commands to creating watermarks.

I must say though, this book probably isn't targeted towards me per-se, as it is very light on complex concepts, and I would have liked to have more focus on creating a a website from a Photoshop design via slicing, working with CSS layers etc, but perhaps this is better served in a web designer book with a chapter on Photoshop.

The book is otherwise light in other areas, and I feel a more traditional cookbook approach with short but more detailed concepts for web design would be nicer. Perhaps a section on creating icons for web and mobile apps, creating cool banners and ads, would be useful. My recommendation is that this book is a 'not necessary but ok' to have, for those who need to use Photoshop in a minimalist way, without having to do anything overly complicated, but I would like to encourage that person to pick up a Photoshop book or do a short course, because you would want to go beyond what this book offers, because you will want to further tweak stuff for your clients.

Concise: [rating=4]

Level: [rating=2.0]

Prior Knowledge: None,but you are encouraged to pick up a more detailed Photoshop book, to gain a better understanding of fundamental concepts.

My rating :[rating=2.5]


Author: Corrie Haffly

TitlePhotoshop CS6 Unlocked, 2nd Edition

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Year: July 2012