Review of Programming iOS 5

Another iOS book, and a definitive chunky book to go through, but this book isn't designed for someone who has to read it cover-to-cover. This book is in fact a complete A-to-Z of concepts and topics in iOS, that should cover almost all of what you need. Beyond this book, you can focus on a specific topic. The second iteration of this book also introduces new iOS 5 concepts such as ARC memory management, the concept of adding private declarations within the implementation files and so forth, bringing your reference book up to speed with what's current. Matt Neuburg does not really cover CoreData, but that is a book in itself, and something a developer should heavily focus on independently from the rest of the topics in this book, which is fair enough. The familiar structure of defining the problem, providing some solutions and discussion afterwards is a proven methodology in such O'Reilly books, and including it in this one affords the reader the ability to anticipate where to find certain things, in a consistent and logical flow.

Some sections like Memory Management are fantastic, and in fact the best Memory Management chapter I have read in any book. It is extremely comprehensive and logical, and discusses in great detail the differences between Non-ARC and ARC, what should and shouldn't be done now and then.

I have covered the previous edition of this book in a previous blog, albeit I had a copy of a rough uncut version, which you can find by clicking here, and as with the previous book, I didn't really have any issue with the structure, I find it a great book to add to my toolkit of books that I refer to from time-to-time, so I therefore recommend this book certainly, to everyone.


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Concise: [rating=3]

Level: [rating=4]

Prior Knowledge: Have read a basic iOS and Objective-C book first

My rating :[rating=4.5]


Author: Matt Neuburg Title:Programming iOS 5, 2nd Edition Publisher: O'Reilly Media Year: March 2012