Review of Publishing with iBooks Author

The recentiBooks Authoring tool released by Apple has given amateur book writers and enthusiasts a direct enablement to self-publish their own interactive books to Apple's bookstore, in a similar way that developers have been given access to the app-store. Nellie McKesson delivers soon after the iBooks Authoring release with a handy book that guides the user through the basics of laying out the structure of the book. The author does well in articulating the various scenarios that may affect layout of the book, such as the orientation position of the iPad and with a good selection of illustrations, the book is able to depict clearly to the basic of users how to author their book.

Naturally, as a web developer you would have an edge in creating interesting widgets, but for most of the audience, this book does well in being able to utilise the existing product assets to create a compelling iBook. The author also delves into the current issues associated with ownership of the iBook content that was briefly twittered about in the blogosphere recently which provides a good conceptual understanding for the reader of the issues faced with going down this path. The book is short and easy to read, I am a bit fan of precision books and give it a good thumbs up..

Concise: [rating=4]

Level: [rating=2]

Prior Knowledge: None

My rating :[rating=4]


Author: Nellie McKesson, Adam Witwer

TitlePublishing with iBooks Author, 1st Edition

Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Year: February 2012