Review of Social eCommerce

I must admit, I’ve had this book sitting on my virtual shelf for a while, before I decided to pick it up. Perhaps due to the other pressing tasks I had on my plate, and perhaps not being sure what to expect from this book. I honestly haven’t had a lot of direct eCommerce involvement as of lately, so this book perceptively didn’t apply to me. Social eCommerce by Jem Matzan, Stephan Spencer is a book catered towards the Product Managers and Marketers of this world, at a startup or small-to-medium business, looking to leverage social media in order to gain market traction, rather than for vanity. The book starts off basic, introducing you to the various social media concepts, before sampling a bit of social media strategy.

After the second chapter, we begin to see more advanced content covering strategies for various commerce mediums, from digital goods and working completely-only, to those in a bricks-and-mortar business. The social media topics cover every type of social media, from Twitter to Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube. The authors also cover other auxiliary areas such a Google Maps, Yelp, FourSquare and blogging as ways of brand re-emphasising.

The chapter on Reputation and Influencer Strategy is particularly interesting, supplemented by concrete subject matter and case-studies.

The later two chapters discuss Social Media SEO (synonymous with the author’s previous book, The Art of SEO), which I also took note of some of the philosophical concepts.

Overall, I found the book to be basic in many parts, with one or two chapters that I found great, from a reference stand-point, where I could pluck at least one or two tactics that I could employ. The authors should be commended for consolidating many concepts found in various disparate sources into this one source, and for many new marketers, coming out of college, I would anticipate this book being quite a ‘gem’.

Concise: 4

Level: 2

Prior Knowledge: Basic Marketing and Social Media awareness.

My rating : 3.5

AuthorJem MatzanStephan Spencer
Title: Social eCommerce
Publisher: O'Reilly Media Date: August 2014

Social eCommerce