Review of Swift Pocket Reference

Today I am taking a look at the ‘bite-sized’ 200-page Swift Pocket Reference book by Anthony Gray. I have reviewed quite a few pocket-reference books over the years, but with iOS finally transitioning from Objective-C to Swift, the value of such a contextually rich book is ever-more appreciated. This book is certainly not your primary source of educating yourself in the new language, but I will tell you how I utilise it. For me, I commence my learning path with Swift through the WWDC videos, and there’s tons of them. Of course, Apple also provide the thick Swift Programming Language book. Trying to digest all of the information is of course overwhelming at the start, and as you go through your online source of tutorials, try to recall concepts you have heard or watched in WWDC, or read in their supplemented book.

This is where Swift Pocket Reference comes in, you get a logical and concise topic-by-topic reference to all the important language concpets, from Optionals, to working with Dictionaries, Extensions, Protocols, Tuples, Generics and so forth. You quickly skim the topic of interest, recall the general idea, look at the provided sample and off you go. In good doses, you can really make good use of this book.

As always, I find this book a fantastic reference read, sort of the training wheels to my bike before i’m ready to go on my own and I am recommending this book for all of you who are picking up Swift, in addition to the other reading material I have reviewed and have given my thumbs up to.

Concise: 5

Level: 2.5

Prior Knowledge: A bit of Swift theoretical concepts. Best used as supplement to primary Swift reading material

My rating: 4.5

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Author:  Anthony Gray
Title: Swift Pocket Reference
Publisher: O'Reilly Media 
Date: October 2014