Stream from your iPhone/iPad to your Mac Mini via airplay, with #AirServer



Finally, something Apple should have released by now, but AirServer has gone ahead and pre-empt everyone, by completing the AirPlay circle that Apple has set out for iOS/Mac interactivity.

With AirServer, a small app that runs on your mac, which for me is basically my mac mini hooked up to an HDMI television, you can seamlessly use your iPhone or iPad and send across anything from videos, podcasts, music, youtube to other third-party applications, and stream from your device to your television. 

Unlike what currently exists, where you need an Apple TV to stream to, this basically allows you to do this with your normal mac mini (or any mac computer), which is fantastic, because I would not want to compromise giving up my Mac Mini for an Apple TV, when I have things like Plex working on it, for my main media centre.

So there you go, this fantastic thing is only $3, and definitely well worth it. 

Doron KatzGen, iPhone Dev