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Getting Started With Continuous Delivery With fastlane for iOS

In my latest article for @TutsPlusCode, you will learn all about Continuous Delivery for iOS with @fastlanetools. The fastlane suite of tools makes distributing apps much easier, allowing developers to focus on their apps and let the tooling take on tasks like managing provisioning profiles and certificates and building, packaging and distributing apps.

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Improve your iOS workflow with Continuous Delivery and fastlane

As mobile developers, we constantly strive for efficiency, optimizing our code-base through refactoring, proper code decoupling, intelligent code reusability and other object-oriented best practices, which is even more pivotal when working in teams, and working with tools like git for collaborative code-sharing, and tracking tasks, using agile methodologies.

This is what has led to the concept of Continuous Development, which encompasses the iterative methodologies of Continuous Integration (CI), and Continuous Deployment (CD).

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